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   Everybody sometimes has a free time. Somebody prefer only to sleep in

their liesure  time, but  the  largest  part  of us prefer to do a great

amount of  things  which  are pleasant and interesting for us. It may be

reading, a various types of sport game, watching TV, listening music and

others. If we have a few day or a week we prefer to go to the attractive

places. Many  peoples  thing  that  pupils  and  studients have too much

liesure ,but  in  my  opinion,  they  are wrong. We are very busy.  Many

pupils have six or se-ven lessons a day and go to school live or six day

a week. Even  during the holiday we learn our lessons after school.  And

we just  no time to go some-there. Oldest of us are working after school

or institutes. IÒam  not spend my time at school and ofter I have a free

time. The  large part of my free time devote to reading.  I like to read

books about another coun-tries, another times and another worlds. Also I

read books  about  history  of our country. Besides reading I like to do

physical exercises. I  and  my  school friends often gather after school

and play  basketball,  fooftball  or other active games. But my favorite

hobby is  travelling. Usually  I travel in summer and ofter it is a trip

to the  south,  to  the  warm  sea. thing  all  peoples  must have other

occupation besides  their  basic work, ba-csuse it extand the bounduries

of the  familar world and teach us something new about people and thing.








   Mass media  ( that  is  the press, the radio and television ) play an

important role  in  the  life  of  society.  They  inform,  educate  and

entertain people. They  also  influence the way people look at the world

and make  them  change  their  views. Mass  media  mould public opinion.

Millions of  people  in  their  spare time watch TV and read newspapers.

Everybody can  find there something interesting for him. On the radioone

can hear  music, plays,  news and various discussions or commentaries of

current events. Lot's  radio  or  TV  games  and  films  attract a large

audience. Newspapers  uses  in  different  ways,  but basically they are

read. There  is a lot of advertisment on mass media.  Some of the TV and

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radio stations  and  newspapers are owned by different corporations. The

owners can  advertise whatever they choose. But it is hardly fair to say

that mass  media  do not try to raise cultural level of the people or to

develop their artistic taste. Mass media brings to millions of homes not

only entertaiment  and  news but also cultural and educational programs.

There are  more  then  six  TV  channels and lot's of radio stations and

newspapers now in the Russian Federation.






   People of almost every age are susceptible to this pernitious disease

but it  hits  the  youth  the  hardest. It's  name is unemployment.  The

persent-age of  unemployed  youth  in the total number of the jobless is

high. In  many developing countries the situation is more serious.  Many

young people  to  commit  suside. Unless  the  economic situation in the

world changes,  youth unemployment will mount. This prodictions refer to

all catigories  of workers-with high and low skills in town and country.

For all  there possible distinctious,these young people over outside the

production structure  of  society. The  are  deprived the possebility of

creting there  are  "surplus"  from  time  to time some may get a hit of

luck, but  the  lot  of  the majority is to feel their unlessles to lose

their ideals    and    become    disillusioned.   Unemployment   greatly

intemcilicselle tendency  among  the  youth  towards, drug  education  ,

frastretion and  crime. This  is a time bomb and is a heavy acusation of

any social economic system.


British education

   British education   emas   us  to  develop  fully  the  abilities  of

individuals, for their own benefit and of society as a whole. Compulsory

schooling takes  place  between  the  agers of 5 and 16, but some pupils

remain at  shool  for  2 years  more,  to  prepare  for  further  higher

education. Post shool education is organized flaxebly, to provide a wide

range of  opportunities  for  academic  and  vacational education and to

continue studying through out life.

   Administration of  state  schools is decentralised. The department of

education and  science is responsible for national education policy, but

it doesn't  run  any  schools, if doesn't employ teachers,  or prescribe

corricular or  textbooks. All  shools are given a considerable amount of

freedom. According  to  the law only one subject is compulsary.  That is

religious instruction.

   Children recieve  preschool  education  under the age of 5 in nursery

schools or in infant's classes in primary schools.

   Most pupils  receive free education finenst from public fonds and the

small proportions  attend  schools  wholy  independent. Most independent

schools are single-sex, but the number of mixing schools is growing.

   Education within  the  mantained schools system usually comprises two

stages:  primary and secondary education. Primary schools are subdevided

into infant  schools  (ages  5 -  7), and  junior schools (ages 7 - 11).

Infant schools  are  informal and children are encouraged to read, write

and make  use  of  numbers  and  develop the creative abilities. Primary

children do  all their work with the same class teacher exept for PT and

music. The work is beist upon the pupils interests as far as possible.

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 The junior stage extence over four years. Children have set pirits of

arithmetic, reading,  composition,  history,  geography nature study and

others. At this stage of schooling pupils were often placed in A,  B,  C

and D streams according their abilities. The most able children were put

in the  A stream,  the  list  able  in the D stream. Till reccantly most

junior shool  children  had  to seat for the eleven-plus examination. It

usually consisted  of  an  arithmetic  paper  and  an  entelligent test.

According to  the  results  of  the  exam  children are sent to Grammar,

Technical or  Secondary  modern schools. So called comprehansive schools

began to  appear  after World War 2. They are muchly mixed schools which

can provide education for over 1000 pupils. Ideally they provide all the

courses given in Grammar, Technical and Secondary modern schools.

   By the  law all children must receive full-time education between the

ages of  5 and 16. Formally each child can remain a school for a further

2 or 3 years and continue his studies in the sixth form up to the age of

18 or  19. The  course  is  usually  subdevided into the lower 6 and the

upper 6. The  corricular  is narrowed to 5 subjects of which a pupil can

choose 2 or 3.

   The main   examinations  for  secondary  school  pupils  are  general

certeficate of  education  (the  GCE)  exam and certificate of secondary

education (the  CSE) exam. The GSE exam is held at two levels:  ordinary

level (0 level) and advanced level (A level).

   Candidats set  for 0 level papers at 15 - 16 years away. GCE level is

usually taken  at the end on the sixth form. The CSE level exam is taken

after 5  years  of  secondary education by the pupils who are of everage

abilities of their age.

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