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   There are  many  young  people in our country. Each of them has one's

own view  point  on their life and their future. There are many problems

which are  common  for  all young people.For Example: how to spend their

free time, what to do after school,  choosing a profession,  how to deal

with girl and boy-friends and so on.

   The problem  number one of most of the young people is the problem of

fathers and  sons. All  young  people want to be independent,  they want

their parents  to  listen  to  their  opinion, not to interfere in their

private life. Some  parents  neglect  their children,  because they cant

find a common language with each other.

   Many problems were hushed up, but now we can speak openly about them.

I think  that the most difficult and sirious problem of modern teen-ages

is drug-habit. Some young man use drugs, because they think that will be

cool guys. But  they  don't  understand,  that it's wrong.  Some of them

can't stop  that,  and  they  become dependent on drugs. And they commit

different serious,  because they need some money to buy drugs. There are

also many other problems:  alchoholism, smokin and so on. There are many

youth organisations  in  our  country, wich unite young men on different

principles. Members  of  every organisation has ons own world out looks.

Each of  them  has  their  own morral qualities. There are some informal

organisations,  for example:  skinheads,  hippies,  panks and so on. Now

there exists  the  problem  of  missundrstanding beetwen different youth


   We also  face the problem how to spend our free time. We can do it in

different ways. Some  of  teen-ages  spend  their free time in different

night clubs. Other young people spend their free time in the strets.

   As for me, i spend my free time at home or in the night clubs. I also

have some  problems  with  my parents. But every time then i have them i

try to slove them without quorrel.

   Now we  are  young  people  and  we  are  the  future of our country.

Teen-aegs play  an important role in the modern society. Grown up's must

remember that we are the future of our country and in present moment our

character is  formed and that's why our parents must not assert pressure

on us.




     Theatres are very much the same in London as anywhere  else;

the chief  theatres ,music halls and cinemas are in the West End.

If you are staying in London  for  a  few  days,  you'll  have no

difficulty whatever  in  finding  somewhere to spend an enjoyable

evening. You'll find opera, balley, comedy, drama, revue, musical

comedy and variety.  Films are shown in the  cinemas  during  the

greatest part of the day.

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 The best seats at theatres are  those  in  the  stalls,  the

circle and the upper circle.  Then comes the pit, and the last of

all the gallery where the seats are cheapest.  Boxes,  of course,

are  the most expensive.  Most theatres and music halls have good

orchestras with popular conductors.

     You ought  to  make  a  point of going to the opera at least

once during the season if you can.  There you can get the best of

everything - an exellent orchestras, famous conductors, celebated

singers and well dressed audience. But, of course, if you are not

fond of music and singing, won't interest you.

     At the West End theatres you can  see  most  of  the  famous

English actors   and   actresses.   As  a  rule,  the  plays  are

magnificently staged -  costumes,  dresses,  scenery,  everything

being done  of  the  most lavish scale.  Choose a good play,  and

you'll enjoy yourself thoroughly from the moment the curtain goes

up to the end of the last act.  Get your seats beforehand, either

at the box-office of theatre itself or at one  of  the  agencies.

When you go to a theatre, you'll probably want to seat as near to

the stage as possible.  But if you are at  the  cinema,  you  may

prefer to  seat some distance from the screen.  In fact,  I would

say, the further away the better.




LONDON, Jack (1876-1916).


   The novelist and short-story writer Jack London was, in his lifetime,

one of the most popular authors in the world. After World War I his fame

was eclipsed in the United States by a new generation of writers, but he

remained popular  in  many  other  countries, especially  in  the Soviet

Union, for   his  romantic  tales  of  adventure  mixed  with  elemental

struggles for survival.

   John Griffith London was born in San Francisco on Jan. 12, 1876.  His

family was  poor, and  he  was  forced  to  go  to work early in life to

support himself. At  17 he sailed to Japan and Siberia on a seal-hunting

voyage. He  was  largely self-taught,  reading voluminously in libraries

and spending  a year  at the University of California. In the late 1890s

he joined  the  gold  rush  to  the  Klondike. This  experience gave him

material for his first book, 'The Son of Wolf',  published in 1900,  and

for 'Call of the Wild' (1903), one of his most popular stories.

   In his  writing career of 17 years, London produced 50 books and many

short stories. He  wrote  mostly  for  money,  to  meet  ever-increasing

expenses. His  fame as a writer gave him a ready audience as a spokesman

for a   peculiar   and   inconsistent  blend  of  socialism  and  racial


   London's works,  all hastily written, are of uneven quality. The best

books are the Klondike tales, which also include 'White Fang' (1906) and

'Burning Daylight'  (1910). His  most  enduring  novel  is  probably the

autobiographical 'Martin  Eden'  (1909), but  the  exciting  'Sea  Wolf'

(1904) continues to have great appeal for young readers.

   In 1910 London settled near Glen Ellen, Calif.,  where he intended to

build his  dream  home, "Wolf House." After the house burned down before

completion in 1913, he was a broken and sick man. His death on Nov.  22,

1916, from an overdose of drugs, was probably a suicide.








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   Music -  it art, reflecting validity in sound art images,  one of the

forms of  public  ideology. Having  by  powerful  force direct emotional

effect, music  during  of  all  history of man-kind plays a huge social,

cultural and educational role.

   Lieading composers  are  connected  to  progressive public movements,

life, interests and aspirations people. Each nations differs by peculiar

national features. Folk  music,  being  improved  by creative efforts of

many generations  of  the people, reaches a high degree of art maturity.

On the basis of riches of national music professional musical creativity

of composers  is developed. Rejection of music from advanced ideas epoch

of national  culture, national roots of art leads to it's to decline and


   Idia emotional  contents of music is passed through sound art images,

implemented in musical sounds. The basic of music is the tune. according

to the  way  of  performance  music  is  divided  into  2 main branches:

instrumental and vocal.

   There are  a lot  of different styles of music. Such as:  Jazz,  Pop,

Rock, Classic;  and  new  musical directions.Such as:  Rave,  Hard Core,

Jungle,  Break Beat  and  many other. I like to listen to rave music and

Happy Hard Core.

   As for  me  i like  these  styles  because  they are very rythmic and

dancing. The  beginning of techno music was put very known singer Fredde

Mercuri was  the  first  to  compose music in the style techno. In those

years very few people evaluated new style of music. But with the years a

new style  has grown up to such global sizes. Now this music is listened

to by  large  part  of  youth. I  think it's very good that such musical

direction as  raiv  has  appeared. Because  in  raiv  there are a lot of

musical directions. Young  people  that  are  fond  of  music can easily

choose just that style which appeals to them.


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